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Hinduism 101

Hindus believe in one Supreme Being who is infinite, all-pervading and eternal and the source of all creation. God is in everything that exists, and is at the same time beyond the manifest universe. The various functions and aspects of the Supreme Being are given different names. For instance, the Trinity of Hinduism consists of Brahma - the Creator, Vishnu - the sustainer, and Shiva - the Destroyer. The incarnations of the Trinity are worshipped in various forms. The temples usually have some incarnations of the Trinity as idols for devotion and worship.

Sarvajana Mandir - A Temple for All People in Huntsville, AL

A Temple for All People

Our temple called Sarvajana Mandir is authentic and built according to traditional Hindu architectural design. It is very majestic and looks so elegant, and truely an asset for the Huntsville community. The temple has deities from every corner of India. It is the only temple in the Huntsville area that provides a full range of religious and cultural services. Volunteers run the temple through various committees. Devotees are encouraged to get involved and share their talents and time.

The mission of the temple is to provide a place of worship for the followers of Hinduism and to facilitate and offer services to perform various poojas and religious/auspicious activities. It provides a spiritual atmosphere for all people irrespective of their faith.

Temple timings are Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 8 p.m., weekends 8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m.

To learn more about HCCNA temple visit: Events | Services | Donate

Upcoming Events

The following are the list of planned events in the next 30 days in addition to the regular weekly, monthly and yearly events. Please visit full event listing for all events.

  • Sunday, April 15

    • 6:00 PM - Kali Puja

  • April 28th,2018, Saturday, Nrusingha Janmostava.

    There will be a katha regarding Nrusingha Praghatya (Janma) for half an hour on Saturday evening 6.00 P.M- 6.30 P.M in the community hall downstairs in Hindi by our resident priest Sri Jayesh Vijyashankar Vyas.

  • April 29th, 2018, Sunday - 10.00 A.M-11.00 A.M- Nrusingha Havan

    • 11.00 A.M-12.30 P.M- Jagannath Pooja, Bhajan,
    • 12.30P.M-12.45P.M- Nrusingha Praghatya (Birth of Nrusingha) katha
    • 12.45 P.M- Arati, Prasad

      Sponsorship- $51.00

  • April 30th,2018, Monday - Chandan Poornima (Satyanarayana Pooja)

    • 6.00 P.M-7.30 P.M , followed by NAUKA VIHAR

      Nauka Vihar by Lord Krishna in the Narendra pond. (This is a ritual observed in Puri,Where Lord Krishna represents Lord Jagannath) by travelling to the Narendra pond in a boat to avoid the excessive heat of the season. Lord's body is covered with sandlewood paste to give him comfort.


  • April 30th,2018 Monday

    • Shiva Abhisekam will be observed in the morning- 10.30 A.M-11.30 A.M Sponsorship-$61.00.

  • May 7, Monday to May13, Sunday
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 P.M in the Temple Auditorium

  • May 19 & 20 (Saturday & Sunday): Spiritual Retreat by Swami Yogatmanandaji Maharaj of Vedanta Society in Providence, Rhode Island

  • June 2 (Saturday): Spiritual Retreat by Swami Shantatmananda of Delhi Ramkrishna Mission



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